Monday, 11 February 2013

Rugby Players Versus American Footballers

Blood-stained, broken-fingered brawlers...
Heavily-armoured, built like bulldozers...
Rugby Players Versus American Footballers!

Today's Battle was inspired by a conversation I had on the night of the recent Super Bowl with Rachel Palmer, who suggested Round 4's Censors Versus Free-Thinkers.  You can check out her blog, Vintage Folly, here.
Sorry, today's post is a week late!  I had a bit of an unexpected stuation to deal with the other week, which unfortunately meant time away from the drawing board.  I'm back on track now, & the second part of Cowboys Versus Mobsters, as well as the latest comic strip are both available for your viewing pleasure.
I also wanted to take some time today to say thanks to you all for your continued support.  I've put some exciting plans in motion recently, which-if they work out the way I intend-I will share with you all soon.  But these plans wouldn't have been possible without the support from you guys.  Whether you follow the blog itself; visit from one of the various forums I post on; or follow the series on Twitter or Facebook; thankyou for supporting Versus!
And hey, let me know what you think of the various Battles & comics! And if you have ideas for Battles you'd like to see, feel free to hit the Suggest a Battle Page!

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