Monday, 28 January 2013

Goths Versus Ravers

Somewhat adverse to more cheerful behaviours...
Dancing amongst the smoke and the lasers...
Goths Versus Ravers!
Suggested by Alski.

Todays' Battle was suggested by Alski, on the 2000AD forums.  You can check out his blog, Cool Stuff You Will Like here.
Well, today sees the release of the first part of the next Versus Serial, Cowboys Versus Mobsters.  Just hit the link on the right to read & let me know what you think!  I learnt a lot from the last serial, Knights Versus Werewolves; both in technical & design terms & I hope it shows.
And, as usual, I have a new Comic Strip today too.  Today, it's based on Wrestlers Versus Chiropractors.

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