Monday, 18 February 2013

Cyborgs Versus Mechanics

Covered head-to-toe in advanced cybernetics...
There is no machine they can't fix...
Cyborgs Versus Mechanics!
 Suggested by James White.

Todays' Battle was suggested by my brother, James, whose previous suggestion, Strippers Versus Gynaecologists, appeared way back in Round 2.  Today also happens to be his first wedding anniversary; so, Happy Anniversary, Bro!

And today sees a second comic based on Atheists Versus Agnostics, also from Round 2.  I've got a few more based on Atheists Versus Agnostics planned & I hope you enjoy this one.

So, what did everyone think of the conclusion to the Cowboys Versus Mobsters comic?  I'd love to know your thoughts, so hit the comments section & let me know what you think!


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