Monday, 14 January 2013

Foppish Dandies Versus Gangsta Rappers

Perfectly preened dedicated fashion followers...
With tracks featuring shout-outs and hollers...
Foppish Dandies Versus Gangsta Rappers!
Suggested by IP1 Magazine

Todays' Battle comes courtesy of IP1 magazine; an Ipswich-based arts magazine.  In the review they did of Versus last year, they suggested the above Battle, so I felt it only right to oblige them.  Check out their site for some great Ipswich artists & musicians.
Todays' Comic Strip revisits the eternal struggle between our Teetotallers & Drunks.  Let me know what you think!
I hope you're all enjoying the new format of the blog-both in terms of updates & the look of the blog itself (although, yeah, not much has changed).  I'm still tweaking a few things here & there; I'll have a link to the store somewhere on the main page pretty soon as well as a page for Preview Artwork.
Speaking of the store, if you are interested in buying some Versus gear, make sure to check CafePress's main site, as they regularly offer discounts on products.  I'll be aiming to promote their sales when they're on, both here on the blog & on Twitter & Facebook. 

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