Monday, 8 July 2013

Versus Round 6: Pin Ups Versus Hipsters

Gents go ga-ga over their fabulous figures...
The most detested of contemporary subcultures...
Pin-Ups Versus Hipsters!

Pin-Ups Versus Hipsters was partly inspired by Rachel Palmer, who previously suggested Bridesmaids Versus Groomsmen & Censors Versus Free-Thinkers.  Rachel suggested a Battle involving Pin-Ups a while back & I'd been wanting to feature Hipsters for a while...the two seemed like a good match.  The culture surrounding Pin-Ups seems to celebrate their history & what made them so popular; whereas, Hipsters seem to assimilate fashion & ideas from the past in an effort to appear more superior; their main drive seems only to be 'cool', as opposed to actually enjoying things.  

The Doctor Who reference came about simply because a lot of the Hipsters I've encountered remind me of the character in how they dress.  Though, if you think about it, there is a good case to be made for the Doctor being a bit of a Hipster himself; he knows things nobody else would have even heard of, he's the only one of his kind (so, definitely not mainstream) & he changes his appearance constantly, like a Hipster constantly changes their fashion to stay on top of what their culture considers 'cool'.  Food for thought, there...

Today's comic strip is another based on Butchers Versus Vegetarians & is a bit more...silly this time round.  I hope you like it.


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