Monday, 22 July 2013

Versus Round 6: Architects Versus Engineers

Designing structures that last throughout the years...
When it comes to solving practical problems, they are pioneers...
Architects Versus Engineers!

Suggested by Peter Wogan.

When today's Battle was suggested, though I immediately loved it, I quickly realised I didn't really know a lot about either architects or engineers.  That posed a problem when it came to working out the joke of the piece.  However, inspiration came when I read this article regarding a new hotel being built in China which will have two stories that are underwater.  I imagined that building such a structure must be a nightmare from an engineering point-of-view &, thus, I had my joke for today's Battle.

Today's comic is another based on Round 3's Carnivores Versus Vegans & is inspired by a funny experience I had a few weeks ago.  I was walking along eating a ham sandwich & ended up walking by a vegetarian/vegan cafe just as one of the staff came out to clear a table.  She saw the packet in my hand & gave me a rather...odd look.  Though it was pure coincidence that I happened to be walking by at that exact time, I couldn't help but think she must have thought I was deliberately trying to provoke her, or make some kind of weird point.  Maybe one day, I'll go back & explain.  Or next time, I'll make sure I'm eating a salad or something.

On a final note, It's come to my attention that some of the images on the blog aren't looking their best.  To be honest, I've not been happy with a few of them for a while & I'm still learning a lot of this as I go, so, this week, I'll be tweaking the blog a bit.  I've got a few ideas of how to go about this & I've done some research, so hopefully I'll have it done in no time & the blog & comics can look their absolute best.  Hey, if you have any ideas or suggestions, let me know!


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