Monday, 4 March 2013

Firemen Versus Strippers

Fighting fires with hoses and extinguishers...
Twisting and gyrating to entertain strangers...
Firemen Versus Strippers!

Suggested by Ryan Tailor.

Today's Battle was suggested by Ryan Tailor, whose previous suggestion, Wrestlers Versus Chiropractors featured in the last round.  Ryan actually suggested 'Firemen Versus Lapdancers', but, I felt that lapdancers were effectively the same as strippers-who have featured before, way back in Round 2.  So, I changed the suggestion slightly-hope you don't mind, Ryan!

Today's Comic Strip is based on Bartenders Versus Drunks.  As you'll see, it's a bit different than previous strips. The 'Guide to Bar Grief' is something I've had planned for a while & will be producing quite regularly as a series in its' own right.  As a former bartender, I have a lot of funny bar-related stories and they-as well as stories that other bartenders I know have shared with me-will end up in the strips.  Let me know what you think!

I also want to direct your guys' attention to ReadComicBooks.Net :An awesome comicbook site that brings you news, reviews & sketch challenges (which I intend to take part in at some point!) & a ton of other cool stuff worth checking out.  They recently added me to their 'Friends' page, so I felt it only fair to promote them too-I'll have a proper link up soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

And finally...I've started work on a project that I'm extremely excited about releasing.  It's early days yet, so I don't want to reveal too much, but...I will tell you that it's a Round 1 story that I've been looking forward to making for a long time & I'll be doing it as a weekly updated strip.  As I said, early days yet, so I won't say anymore, but, once I have enough work ready for the release, I'll start revealing more information.


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