Suggest a Battle!

Want to make a suggestion for a future Versus Battle? Just put your suggestion in the comments section below and if I like it, I'll make it into a Versus poster! A few pointers to help you get started:

  • The characters should be genre types or types of people (not specific characters or real-life people)
  • Try and put together characters whose interaction would be interesting-whether it be awe-inspiringly awesome or just down-right funny.
  • I don't mind characters who have been featured before re-appearing (for instance, Samurai have featured twice so far, in separate battles)
I plan the Versus Rounds quite far in advance, so if your suggestion doesn't appear right away, don't worry-it will feature at some point and I'll give you credit as well as putting a link to your website/blog in the post your suggestion appears in. If you want a website/blog linked to just put it with your suggestion.  Also, if you send a friend request to Versus Comicbook on Facebook (the link is on the right), I'll gladly accept it & tag you in the photo of your suggestion that will appear on the page.

Get suggesting people!


  1. Vikings vs Native Americans. A good mixtures of speed cunning against strength and endurance.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion-I like it! Did you want your name and website/blog URL included when I publish the poster?

  3. No that's fine. Another idea, could be something arts based like authors vs painters, or painters vs directors? You could use a mash up of the different styles reflecting the different opponents.

  4. Olympians vs Cyborg

  5. Thanks for the suggestion! I've been wanting to feature cyborgs for a while but couldn't come up with a suitable opponent. Is this the same anonymous as before?

  6. Cyborgs versus;


    Androids (battle of the deminishing/emerging human emotions)

    The Hybrid Car


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