Monday, 9 November 2015

Politicians Versus Butchers

And Versus is back!

First off, apologies for such a long hiatus-working on Titan Defender Pushka took a while longer than expected, but it's out now and can be viewed on Tapastic.  Go check it out and let me and writer Leo Dyke what you think on the official Facebook page and Twitter.

Now, big Versus news-the series will now update five days a week!
So, Monday to Friday, you can read a new cartoon every day! Make sure to follow the series on TapasticComic Chameleon or Webcomics Now on your desktop, tablet or smartphone to get your daily dose of Versus goodness!

I was recently as WynterCon 2 in Eastbourne launching Titan Defender Pushka and promoting Versus.  It was an awesome couple of days-below are some photos I managed to get of the event...

Andy Kybett-the main man of WynterCon

Erica Kybett-the main woman of WynterCon

Leo Dyke, writer of Titan Defender Pushka dressed as the character

Richard Gladman, creator of Space Monsters Magazine and editor on Titan Defender Pushka

My snazzy looking pass-wish I knew who drew it...

My table

Author and thoroughly charming gent, Kit Cox.  We met last year at the first WynterCon
and it was a pleasure seeing him again this year.

Star Wars artist Bob Molesworth and I got to have a catch up this year...

Comic artist Grant Perkins and me had a chat about Doctor Who.  He also
told me I look taller on the internet...

And I got to pose with the TARDIS!

What a weekend.  A big thankyou to all involved!

And, next Saturday, I will be attending MasterCon 2, in my hometown of Ipswich.  I'll have Versus cartoons for sale as postcards, high quality prints produced by Carbon Creative Arts and framed, signed editions too.  I'll also be producing sketches on request.  So, come along and say hello!


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