Friday, 27 March 2015

Politicians Versus Comedians

The final Battle in my Politicians mini trilogy is based on the recent news that comedian Al Murray will stand against NIgel Farage in the upcoming General Election.  I recently watched a piece that followed Al Murray around campaigning, in which a number of journalists accused the comedian of making a mockery of the whole affair by standing. 

If you live in Ipswich, don't forget that next week I will be attending Night Con where I'll be producing sketches on request!

And talking of requests, I was recently approached by an old friend, Lucille, who commissioned me to produce a special cartoon for her friend, Michael.  Turns out Michael's a fan of the series and always wanted to see a Battle featuring Wolverine, whom he cosplays as at conventions.  So, Lucille asked me if I could produce a Versus with him, as Wolverine, taking on his best friend, Ross.  

Michael recently got in touch to thank me and sent me a photo of the final, framed piece:

Glad you liked the cartoon, Michael!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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