Friday, 30 January 2015

Misogynists Versus Ghost Hunters

So, the other day, it was announced we're getting a third Ghostbusters-with an all female cast.  And a large number of fans well as they usually do, unfortunately.

Now, when they announced they were planning on making another Ghostbusters, I was skeptical.  It's been so long since the originals, the cast are too old (or, in Harold Ramis's case, sadly no longer with us) and the reasons behind doing a sequel felt cynical (though, I guess it could be argued, aren't they always?).  

However, when I heard the news that they were considering going with an all female cast, I felt that a sequel may actually work.  It was (and still is) the best idea they've had in regards to making a new Ghostbusters, to my mind.

I just don't understand why people are so...threatened by the idea of an all female cast-seriously, some of the reactions I've seen are just so awful and offensive and I can't see how anyone could justify writing this film off solely based on the main characters' gender.  Part of me feels that, at this point, the misogynists themselves don't even know why they hate the idea so much-it's just a reflex action for them, it would seem.

Women's representation in films-and especially big blockbusters like Ghostbusters-still needs a lot of work, and this is a step in the right direction.  It's not about pandering, or taking anything away from anyone; it's about fairness and giving women a chance.  

Us guys have had so many heroes to look up to and emulate-and that's not going to go away-it's only fair the girls have a chance to play in those sandboxes too.  

And really, come on-it doesn't require a penis to operate a proton pack.

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