Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Podiatrists Versus Centaurs

Based on a suggestion by Adam Froud.

Adam suggested 'Podiatrists Versus Horse' originally and I felt it was a pretty funny Battle to make (and it was the first suggestion he'd made that I could actually bring myself to drawing-some of his ideas...weren't suitable, let's say...).  However, when I came to sketching it out, I happened to have the artwork for Jockeys Versus Centaurs lying on my desk, and immediately the above image popped into my head.  

From this Friday, I will be publishing some Christmas themed Battles.  Once again, I asked people for suggestions this year and I got so many good ones that I thought I'd do a whole bunch of them this time round.  Plus, seeing as my usual schedule falls on both Christmas Eve and Boxing Day this year, I felt it would be fun to have a whole run of them.


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