Monday, 30 September 2013

Versus Round 6: Traffic Wardens Versus Chauffeurs

Handing out tickets and checking meters...
Always at the beck and call of their passengers...
Traffic Wardens Versus Chauffeurs!

Suggested by Matt Bugg
Today's suggestion comes from Matt Bugg, whose previous suggestion, Martians Versus Mummies, featured last Round.

Speaking of the last Round, today's comic is based on Bridemaids Versus Groomsmen (also a suggestion, funnily enough).  I've had this strip planned for a while; I hope you all like it.

I hope you've all read & enjoyed Knights Versus Werewolves: Remastered at RedHead E-Zine.  It was a lot of fun to re-work the story & improve on the mistakes I made with the original (in terms of colouring & lettering especially) & having a Versus story published outside of the blog is quite exciting for me.  I've been busy submitting various strips & stories to magazines & anthologies, so, hopefully, this will be the first of many published works.  Let me know what you think of the remastered version & if you know of anywhere excepting submissions that you think Versus would be a good fit for, I'd be extremely grateful for the suggestions.

And, finally, speaking of suggestions, I'm now taking suggestions for the next Round of Versus.  So, if you've got any ideas, you can let me know on the 'Suggest a Battle' page, or hit me up on Twitter or the official Versus Facebook page.  I'm looking forward to hearing your ideas!


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