Monday, 10 June 2013

Versus Round 6: Vegans Versus Vegetarians

To them, animal-based diets are for barbarians...
They would never eat cows, sheep or chickens...
Vegans Versus Vegetarians!

Well, I'm back.

First of all, sorry for the unexpected hiatus; long story short, I caught a particularly nasty virus a while back & it took me a while to get over it.  However, I'm fully recovered now & raring to go!

Today's Battle is (as some of you may have noticed) based on Round 3's Carnivores Versus Vegans.  When I came up with the idea for today's Battle, I thought it'd be nice to riff on the past Battle.

Today's comic is another based on Baristas Versus Businessmen  I have a few comics planned based on this Battle-I hope you enjoy today's!

I'll have the last part of Samurai Versus Vampires up next week along with some other bits & pieces.

And lastly, as you can all see, I've tweaked the blog a little bit; now, if you're interested in buying a poster or comic print, there are links under each piece that will take you directly to the relevant product in the online store.  I've also decided to scrap the changing title header in favour of something a little simpler. 


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