Monday, 25 March 2013

Brides Versus Best Men

Dreaming of their special day since way back when...
Practicing their speeches again and again...
Brides Versus Best Men!

I've had today's Battle planned for quite some time now; it was, in part, inspired by my brother getting married last year-not that his Best Man was anything like the one on today's poster!

Funnily enough, someone made a suggestion for a Battle the other day, which would make for a nice follow-up to today's-I think that will be the first time a Battle has directly continued into another.  More on that next week!

Today's Comic Strip is based on IP1 Magazine's Battle suggestion, Foppish Dandies Versus Gangsta Rappers. I had a fair few ideas for the comic strip & in the end, I decided to riff on a game me & some friends played on Facebook a while back; basically we translated popular rap & rock songs into more politically correct English & the results at times proved pretty funny.  Here are a selection of some of the 'translations'-see if you can figure out the original songs;

'If your lady is acting in an inappropriate manner, well, I sympathise for you, my boy...however, I have a vast number of problems that require my attention, and my lady acting atrociously is not one of them...'

 'Please take a hand to my lady companion. Ad nauseum.'

 'Locomote thyself Madame! Preferably in a direction that extricates you from continuing to impede my journey toward my chosen destination!'

 'Which person liberated the canines? Which, which, which, which, which??'

 'As our monetary earnings increase, we see a proportionate response in the many challenges we face...'

I like playing little games like this whilst I'm working as I find it keeps my mind sharp-plus, they can be a lot of fun.  If you follow me on Twitter, you'll find me either getting involved with or setting up, such games, so follow @versuscomicbook & join in!


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